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More Information on Microsoft Trainings for Families

DCPS Parents, Students and Community:

Let's Team Up! Getting Prepared for Remote Learning with Microsoft Teams and Surface Using technology for the sake of technology is a thing of the past. With remote learning being the new normal, Microsoft Surface and Teams makes it easy for students to use technology to learn. Join us for this webinar where you will learn from an experienced educator, trainer and parent how to use Surface and Teams to promote independence, engage with teachers and peers, support various learning preferences and styles while providing a simple and safe remote learning experience for all. Q & A will be available.

Every Wednesday through the end of September at 10 am and 5 pm. Virtual links below:

Dates Morning 10-11 am Afternoon 5-6 pm
Sept 23 Live Event 9/23 10 am Live Event 9/23 5 pm
Sept 30 Live Event 9/30 10 am Live Event 9/30 5 pm

Directions for Joining a Live Teams Event:

What is a Teams Live Event? As an attendee of a live event in Teams, you can watch live events and participate in the moderated Q&A. You can't share audio or video. The event is automatically recorded, and you can rewind or review what you've missed at any time.

Before watching a live event:

Make sure your browser allows third-party cookies. Ensure your browser supports Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Azure Media Player. You can join on a mobile device, tablet or desktop computer. Please check your settings and device before the live event.

How do I join the live event?

Click the attendee link provided to join during the time of the event.

Will I be able to ask questions?

YES! During the live event, please utilize the Q&A to ask question. A live moderator will be available to answer your questions throughout the session.

For more information on live events and how to participate as an attendee, click this link for detailed instructions: Microsoft Support